What Is Straw Poll?


There are numerous different types of polls available to create and participate in.

One of these polls is called a straw poll. While the name might be confusing, it can be an important type of poll for many.

If you have heard the term “straw poll”, but are not sure what it is, take a look at the information below.

What Straw Poll Actually Is?

This type of poll is used to show what the popular opinion is on a certain subject.

It’s not uncommon for politicians, or those in power, to use this type of poll to see what the most popular opinion is on a certain matter.

The results of a straw poll can sometimes influence what someone says or does.

A straw poll is considered to be an unofficial vote that is used to see what the general opinion is on a specified issue.

While it isn’t an official vote, the information gathered from it can be very beneficial.

The Origin of It

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The origin of the term “straw poll” is somewhat interesting.

It comes from the idea of holding a straw stalk in the air and seeing which way the wind would toss it.

The wind represents public opinion about an issue as you never know which way the “straw” will be swayed.

Where Straw Polls Are Often Conducted

Straw polls can be conducted in a variety of places.

Organizers of meetings that aren’t sure what topics to cover will often conduct a straw poll.

Even businesses might conduct a straw poll to help them decide what ideas everyone likes when it comes to certain ideas.

Straw polls are most popular in political caucus.

The results of certain straw polls are often broadcast in the media.

Popular Straw Polls

There have been numerous, popular straw polls throughout history. These include:

-Ames Straw Poll.

This straw poll was organized by a private organization on behalf of the Republican parties.

The Ames straw poll has gotten a reputation of being meaningful during presidential campaigns because it has a high voter turnout.

-Texas Straw Poll.

This straw poll was also organized by a private organization on behalf of the Republican parties.

It is not subject to any kind of verification.

Are Straw Polls Beneficial?

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Many would argue that straw polls don’t have any benefit, especially when it comes to politics.

This is because they don’t have to be verified so the results can be skewed.

Others will argue that straw polls can be accurate and that they provide a much needed insight to areas where individuals are seeking the opinion of certain individuals.

As you can see, straw polls may not be “official” in nature, but they can provide a valuable tool to those needing an opinion about something.

Even though there are more high tech ways to get opinions of others, straw polls still remain a popular way to get this information.

Straw polls will continue to play an important part of politics thanks to information that the results provide others.



What Is Straw Poll?