Vital Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

We have covered basic topics earlier through different articles about Facebook contests.

Now we are providing the best tips to run a successful contest on Facebook.

Ask the following question yourself.

What is the ultimate aim to run a contest?

There are many contests available online.

So you have to set your goal greatly at the start.

Three of the popular ideas are:

popular ideas

Simple Contest

What is called simple contest?

The answer is “Sweepstakes type contest”.

It is very simple to setup to grow your targeted email list.

Contestants love to join in sweepstakes type contest because there is no rule to enter.

So the contestants count will be high for sure.

An Email address is enough to join for contestants, as well as picking the winners is very simple for the contest admin.

simple sweepstakes

Check out this site to see how they are running a simple sweepstakes online.

Photo Contest

Are you having great fans following on social media?

If your answer is “YES”, photo contest is the best way for you to start.

Photo contest receives low number of contestants than sweepstakes type contests, because it requires necessary effort from the contestants to join.

Every contestant shares their entry with friends so the number of social sharing will increase when you run a photo contest and your entry page becomes viral.

The hard part is you have to find the best app which has the ability to target mobile users.

Mobile responsive setup is the vital factor for photo contest because the growth of mobile traffic has improved since 2010.


  1. Your audience should have interest in photo contest so only you can get more results.
  2. Attractive prize choosing for winners is another important factor.
  3. Ask your app provider to add fake vote finding feature.

Contest Period Length

Some companies run weekly giveaways and some run monthly giveaway.

Sweepstakes type contest and instant win type contest can run every week.

If you ask your consumers to design or capture good photo and to create a top quality video music or presentation, then you can use monthly contests here.

For finding the suitable period timing you have to check your competitors.

Yes, your competitors have already invested their time to analyze which type of period length works well.

It will save your time and money so you can directly apply the strategies they are following to get good results.

Easy to vote Form Fields

What are the instructions/rules you have advertised for contest voters?

Recheck them before you make your contest live and fix the following errors.

  1. The voting form should be very clean to look.
  2. Form Fields should be lower than 5. Form fields are indirectly proportional to contestant’s count. If the number of form field increases and contestant’s count decreases.
  3. Name, Email and Captcha verification feature is fine for any contest.
  4. People like auto fill apps which help to get consumer details automatically from social media profile.


These are the proven methods which help to run successful facebook contest for your business promotion.

Remember these points when you want to run facebook contest for your brand/business.

We hope you got clear idea to start your contest from this article.

We are keep doing analyze on different factors.

As soon as we have new tricks and will post here with samples.



Vital Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Contest