How to Start a Instagram Contest for Your Business?

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Instagram is one of the famous social media sites which allow the consumers to share their desired photos through mobile.

If you have no account on Instagram, create your account on today.

Here you go and find how to create an Instagram account: Instagram Help Center.

So what is Instagram contest and how to use it to gather more business engage?

Let’s start with the following effective ways.

At first, we should know about the top two contests and their help.

Run Sweepstakes Simply   

On your Instagram profile, only share high quality pictures and start a plan to increase likes.

Title is a very important element in any online contests because, it increases click through rate.

To get more likes for your picture, you can run sweepstakes.

Ask the participants to simply like your picture to enter contest. You can also ask them to follow your page too in contest rules.

When you reach enough likes and choose a winner randomly to give prize.

One of the main factors you should remember when you run sweepstakes on Instagram is: Hastags Choosing.

Offering quality prize will increase the participants count superbly so you can gain more followers, likes and targeted traffic.

Run sweepstakes often so the followers do bookmark your profile link to check contests often.

Key Points to Remember:

  • You can use your own product as price because it helps to increase your product popularity.
  • Post interesting picture which is relevant to your niche.

Photo Contest

selfie contest


Simply you can ask your contestants to post creative photos to enter contest.

But, people love to take selfie these days so you can run a selfie contest on Instagram to attract contestants.

Announce your audience to post selfie photos with your product in the atmosphere.

Using this selfie contest you can get highest number of shares because, your contestants keep share their selfie with all their friends.

You can choose the winner based on the likes count a picture receives.

And post the winner’s picture and details on your profile so everyone loves to join on your all contests.

Visit this site to and find the best 5 inventive selfie contest ideas.

Find a Good APP

Using a specific relevant Hastag, you can easily setup a sweepstakes or photo contest.

But, to get detailed report about your audience you should need a good app.

Finding a quality app is easy because a simple Instagram search will give you list of apps which are using.

Between, most of the people love to use wishpond app for their Instagram contest.

Rules to Enter Contest

  • Use simple terms to enter contest.
  • You can allow your contestants to enter contest via other social media accounts.
  • Target zone if your business is only looking for particular audience.

Promote Your Contest


You should know how to promote the contest with targeted consumers.

  1. If you have good number of E-mail subscribers and this is great place to start. Send Emails to your list with creative pictures, catchy titles and sweet short paragraph.
  2. Do you have experience with Google Ads and social media ads? Advertise your contest by investing money on correct keywords to get better results.
  3. Use your blog effectively to promote your contest. Yes, post relevant ads and banners with excellent design on your website home page to get more visits for your contest.
  4. Try to find some relevant guest post sites with high traffic metrics and ask them request to post a guest post.
  5. Sweepstakes directories are also the good place to promote your contest. Sign up for a top sweepstakes directory and post your blog page and redirect them to Instagram contest page.


How to Start a Instagram Contest for Your Business?