Your Silent Weapon To Win The Prestigious DJ MAG Contests

First introduced in 1991, DJ MAG is a dance music magazine which is available worldwide through newsagents as well as an online PDF via subscription.

It also has a website which covers more or less everything that comes in the magazine and is great for those who are interested in dance music. Every month, around 250 reviews are added by DJ Mag journalists.

The Top 100 DJs contest was first introduced in 1995 and is the world’s leading DJ online poll even today.

There are more than 10,000,000 people who search for the result and more than 350,000 votes are registered every year. The Top 100 clubs is also another poll organized by DJ Mag attracting over 80,000 votes a year.


Dj mag contest

Planning to participate DJ Mag Contest?

It is very important for every individual to win such a prestigious title. Winning an online contest is not so easy and there are many hacks which can increase your chances of getting that ultimate throne.

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You should be very careful while sending the correct link to your contest page where you need the votes. Selecting a right voting agency can be very tricky.

Let us consider a small example to make things clear. Suppose you enter a photography contest and upload a picture which is indeed great and you know that you have high chances of winning. In the meantime, the contest admin announces that the contest results will be solely dependent on the number of votes a particular entry gets.

If you have less social media friends with whom you can share the photo, most likely you are not going to get as many votes as you have expected. So you contact an agency who can provide you with votes at a very cheap price compared to others. In the very same day, you will get 1000 fake votes or even more. However, contest administrators are aware of this and you will be disqualified immediately due to fake votes.

How vapulsemedia works?

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The Conclusion

The DJ Mag contests are one of the most prestigious ones which are organized every year. Thousands of participants compete with each other to be the best.

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Your Silent Weapon To Win The Prestigious DJ MAG Contests