Introduction: The Contest Votes

elite ideas to win contests

If you join for original online contest, contest admin will help you to get more prizes. For instance, WAVO contest admin has made it plain that they don't like and ban contestants with duplicate votes. Whatever your reason for participating online contests, whether it's for winning prize or for fun, it's important to do it legal. Read below to get the new ideas to improve your online contest.

What was the last contest you participate? Did it give prize or only experience? Ask these questions yourself and find answers.

Join more contests as much possible to get more experience to find the strategies to win.

 The best contest gives the participant a sense of how to post the quality photos. Think about this: You choose an ideal contest for your family, hundreds of friends put votes for you, and you posted bad quality photo. This will damage your total contest. And most people probably decide with the first look if the contestant has quality photo. You have to learn the basic things to make your entries look perfect.

 Post HD Quality Videos

Now that we understand what WAVO contest is, the next step is applying the right strategy. After answering the above questions, you'll be able to find what you need for winning sweepstakes. We have already mentioned above that getting more votes for contests require constant communication with your social media friends. Take the time to analyze your photos before you submit for sweepstakes and request/invite your friends to put vote for your contests.

Learn how to create HD quality videos simply using camstudio

video creation software

Since WAVO is completely free for participate and user friendly called super contest admin where a group of visitors come to put vote.

Requesting Friends for Votes

One of the best ways to find quality contest to help your family to get more prizes is to discover what kind of prizes and offer they have for your family. Start by searching popular photos in other contests. Facebook groups are the perfect place for gathering more votes for your sweepstakes. When your contest entry is approved, start posting the links on your all social media profiles to get popular. When it comes to win sweepstakes, many people think they need to buy online votes than gathering votes organically.

One of the first things we do when we finding a real contest is, ask for their rules, particularly their Terms and Conditions. You can check this on your admin dashboard page by clicking account settings.

Don't forget to use your existing email list friends too. You can send them Email blast using some free email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Reach Mail.

The sooner your friends and family start seeing your Email list, the faster they can see votes movement. Try different social media sites, use email marketing and see what works best for you. The power editor is one of the most effective tools to access Facebook advertising settings.

Social Media

Facebook not the only one social network which helps to promote contests. There are many social media sites allow you to post your contest entry link with your friends and family.

Keep a record of your previous contests and note the errors you made in the excel sheet on your desktop. Not all contest entries are created equally, even if they have same votes count at start. Also, contest apps can use updated features that make them typical for finding fake votes. With thousands of online sweepstakes out there, it's hard to choose the best one. And you should consult with experienced marketers and look the guides they offer.

Note: Ask your contest admin for live chat services. So you can get cleared your doubts and issues instantly.

Ad Networks

You should create best landing pages specially for your contests.

After you create the landing pages you can advertise them with ad network sites.

Find the perfect keywords set and target your location correctly to run your ads.

Create opt-in feature to capture Emails list.

Offer E-Book with solution for your visitors on your landing page for their keywords and ask them to vote for your contest before download the free book.



For contests like "best restaurants in local area" , you can use flyers with requesting the people to log on to contest entry site to vote for you.

And using these above five metrics, you will be able to find contest length to improve your online contest. This is the calculation of total active movements with 5 entry types.

Introduction: The Contest Votes