Guide to Find How to Get More subscribers on YouTube

get youtube subscribers

Smart people use YouTube to market their brand/business online.

How to use YouTube to make your brand/business popular?

Firstly, you need an attractive video which has ability to convert the visitors into the buyers.

After you have the best video created, you have to promote it through YouTube channel.

The channel must need healthy number of subscribers to create trust with visitors.

Here are the best ideas to find how to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2017.

1. Note these Basics before trying to increase Subscribers

  • Analyze the niche well and find the keywords using tools like Adwords.
  • Write a compelling title to your video.
  • Make use of annotations and thumbnails.
  • Video length should be under 10 minutes.
  • Hire a person from freelancer sites to create a quality video at cheap price.

2. Popular videos count

How many videos you are having on your channel?

Yes, the number of videos you are having on your channel is very important because, when visitor see your channel, it should have at least 10 videos.

If you have less number of videos and the visitors think, this is not a consistent channel.

And the trust score will go low so how to increase your channel trust score?

You need popular videos on your channel.

To make your videos popular, you need to create niche relevant solution giving videos.

Check your competitors channel to find the popular video and note the mistake of that video.

Now create a video to solve that problem.

Here is a sample video: YouTube video

sample subscribers channel

You can see and learn how they promote their video.

3. Sharing on Social business pages

  • Use your existing Facebook page to promote your video.
  • Use your existing Twitter business page to share your new videos.
  • You can use Pinterest and Instagram too.

But, your fan pages should receive some real traffic to get subscribers.

If your social media business pages have no traffic then you can’t use them.

4. Use your popular blog

Post a niche relevant content on your blog and redirect the visitors to your video.

Your blog should receive organic traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

To make your website popular, you should do SEO for your page.

This is slow process and you have to invest 6 months to 1 year to receive any traffic from search engines.

5. Buy Subscribers

When your channel is brand new, increasing subscribers organically using the 4 methods above is very difficult.

The top method to get more subscribers is buying subscribers for your channel.

You can get 1000 plus followers in a week or month.

This gives the perfect solution for your YouTube channel to create trust with visitors in short time period.

Most people have top quality videos but don’t know to increase subscribers quickly.

Buy YouTube subscribers for your channel page to increase your video views and likes to build trust.


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Guide to Find How to Get More subscribers on YouTube