Why are online polls so popular?

Online contests and polls are all the rage nowadays. Every social media platform has online polls frequently going up on them. Twitter allows online polls, Facebook often hosts online polls. They are a very efficient way of increasing user engagement as well as boosting traffic to a particular site, especially the one of the poll organiser.

Factors influencing poll results

Factors to Win Polls

• Sheer popularity

Sometimes an opinion is itself popular enough and eye catching enough that a poll is directly and fairly brought to a definitive result. In cases of issues with fairly strong opinions such as politics or religion, popular votes are really popular. In these instances, user engagement goes through the roof as these topics are naturally controversial and therefore interesting to people. People love getting into fights and discussions on social media and a poll on such a topic naturally encourages such behaviour. In these instances, there is almost no chance of foul play or undue influence simply due to the fact that there are just so many participants. Trying to exert undue influence in these scenarios is just not cost effective.

• Personal influence

Many people operate huge friend lists and followers on social media. Such influence can result in one person’s opinion transcending the popular vote. If an influential person with a lot of friends and followers encourages people to vote for one option, all those people are heeding that advice and not necessarily voting by themselves. So it is entirely possible to win an online poll provided you have sufficient influence in terms of friends and followers who would be willing to follow your opinion and take you at your word. If that sounds like something you can do, you probably do not need to do more than simply ask or encourage your friends or followers to vote your choice. They would very likely do what you ask and you will handily win the poll. Congratulations in advance.

• Vote farms

Companies like Vaplusmedia.net have been operating reliable and high performance voting farms for a long time. These companies ensure votes for a fee. More expensive the plan you purchase, the greater number of votes you can send to your desired choice. Many of these companies have developed interesting methods to avoid automatic invalidation and spam detection by servers. For instance, these companies would send out the votes in bursts or few votes at a time in order to appear natural. A large rounded off number is also often a giveaway that something is not proper and may be flagged by the servers. Vaplusmedia.net offers a 100% money back guarantee lest people mistake its offerings for spam.