What are Email Votes and How to get them for Contests?

get email votes
Many people lead busy lives and it can be hard to take the time to vote in contests.

Because of this, a lot of these contests are actually conducted online and individuals can cast their votes through email voting.

Here’s all the information about this type of voting, including how to get email votes for contests.

How It Works

The way it works is fairly straightforward.

Individuals use their email address to vote in the contest.

They put their email address in a specified box and submit their vote.

They may even get a confirmation email that their vote was submitted.

It is very straightforward and a great way to cast a vote for a contest in literally less than a minute in most cases.

Do you know why contest admin like email voting?

Because, using this type of contest, the admin easily find and filter fake votes without using any tools to find fake votes.

Ways for Getting Votes

Ways to get votes

If you are in an online contest, you may be wondering how you can get email votes. Luckily, there are several ways to do this that include:

-Social Media

One of the quickest ways to get email votes is through social media.

You can put a post on your social media page that tells others that you are in an online contest and could use email votes.

You will find that many of your friends and family members are more than willing to vote for you.

If you want to increase the chances of them helping you out, you could also promise them that you will vote for them in an upcoming contest that they have.

However, most people will be more than willing to vote for you without you having to do anything for them.

To get effective results from social media, start to interact with your friends and friends of friends post, shares and videos.

So they will do the same for you when you need their help to win contests.

Bonus Tip: You can use attractive ads for your contest page to get fast vote responses from your audience.

-Sending Out an Email

You can get email votes for contests by sending out a mass email to those on your contact list.

You can simply let them know that you are in a contest and could use email votes.

Make sure you tell them a little bit about the contest and what you could win if you have the most votes.

Just be aware that the email can get delivered to their spam folder so it’s a good idea to follow up in a couple of days to see if they received your email and were able to vote.

For sending Emails to your targeted list use tools like mailchimp because it allows you to send Emails at free of cost.

Bonus Tip: You can get access to many features when you purchase mailchimp packages.

-Use Multiple Email Addresses 

If the contest allows it, you could vote for yourself by using multiple email addresses.

If you are like most people and have more than one email address, you could use them to vote in the contest.

Even if you only have a few other email addresses, every vote is important and those few votes could help you win the contest that you are in.

Remember to use good looking Emails.

It means use an Email look like this name.purpose@gmail.com and not like this name2312231@gmail.com.

Bonus Tip: You can simply create Email addresses using unique IP and phone numbers so there is no compulsion to purchase emails.


Email voting is an easy way for businesses or organizations to hold contests.

If you find yourself in one of these contests, you can easily get votes through social media, emailing your contacts or voting for yourself.

However, just remember that people don’t want to be inundated by information about the contest.

Make sure you don’t come across as too pushy or they might not want to vote for you.






What are Email Votes and How to get them for Contests?