Few Easy Steps to Follow in order to Create a Viral Contest

viral contest

Nowadays making a video viral is a dream that every marketer of every company dreams of. The viral wave is one of the most trending catchphrases now on the Internet. Getting your content to become viral is not such an easy task, no matter how easy it may appear. No longer is marketing that much easier as it used to be in the old times; just create it and wait for the consumers.

Today, online marketing is all about content and every content wants to achieve the status of virality. But virality is an art or rather architecture and you got to be an adept architect in order to build virality against your content.

What exactly is Virality?

Virality is like a chain and it occurs when someone signs up and then refers it to a friend group who in turn signs up and does the same hence continuing the chain.

Every signup is hence followed by a number of signups and this keeps on increasing until the majority of the Internet has signed up and the content can then be declared viral. But what exactly is the formula for making your content viral?

The two simple steps to create viral contests

You can infuse virality into your contests by making sure that the following elements are present in your contest.

Make sure that they get a lot from the contest

Every visitor before signing up asks the same old question verifying if they will benefit from it and how will they? Once you have explicitly described the reward of winning the contest you would have successfully enticed the viewers for signing up provided the reward is worth their while.

The uniqueness of the prize will add value to your contest. Rather than offering the same old off-shelves prizes opt for something irresistible and unique which the audience truly wants or requires. This will entice them even more into entering the contest and then sharing it with their friends and family members thus making it viral.

Keep in mind that people are becoming more and more forgetful on the Internet therefore your prize must be worth remembering if you want to make your contest viral.

Make them think that it is a rare opportunity

The majority of the people feel bad when they miss out on anything special, especially when it is online. The hashtag #FOMO (fear of missing out) is itself a viral term on the Internet.

Create an illusion of scarcity to make your viewers feel like they are going to miss out on something special if they do not sign up for the contest within a stipulated time. Make sure you mention the starting and ending dates of the contest. Add a timer indicating the time left for the contest to close.

Make them think that they will automatically increase their chances of winning if they share the contest details with others. Also, mention the number of prizes that are being given away.




Few Easy Steps to Follow in order to Create a Viral Contest