Can We Buy Poll Votes to Reach First Position on Contests

Reaching number 1 position on online contests requires more tests also it needs deep research to find the working methods.

To start your research, you need to have an idea.

In this post, we are going to share some of the new strategies (organic and paid) which you can use to research and find which is working to get more poll votes.

Can we buy poll votes?

Read the pros and cons at the end of this article.

Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing


As you know, influencer marketing is the new trend in business marketing today.

What is Influence marketing and how to find influence marketer?

Every niche has popular social media pages like Facebook fan page and Twitter business profile. What you need to do is, you have to search your niche targeted groups, fan pages and communities on social network sites.

  • The person you find on your niche with high social fans is called influencer marketer.
  • Businesses which use such influence marketer to promote their business or product may call influence marketing.

Using this strategy you can advertise the contest you join with right audience to grow your votes. To hire your marketing person, you need to send right Emails with attractive small paragraph. Before you doing that, you should interact with his posts with comments and likes.


When we just send a proposal Email to the influencer, there is a chance of rejection due to the high amount of similar request Emails from your competitors. So start to create a relation with the influencer at first by joining the group, fan page and community of him.

After that, you can send your proposal to get his attention.

Use the New Analytics Features for Facebook Group


group features


Do you have own Facebook group?

It’s time to engage your members with the new facebook group features. As you have features to analyze your fan page, you can have now for groups. Now you can cross check your every month member growth. You can also check the engaging posts from your list to find which type of post you need to use in the future.

Use URL shortener to present your contest link to track the traffic also it helps to hide the spam looking contest links. Basically, some of the contest entry links create fear to the audience because they look spam with long length.

Bonus Tip:  To get effective results for your new product launch, try posting on the peak times with your active members.

Find Writers to Post on Google Trusted Sites


Where are you Top Writers-


There are many marketing professionals who want to market their brand, always recommends to find writers to post articles on top websites to get traffic.

Do you know how to find quality writers?

Search your keyword on Google and list out the top ranking sub domain article/post having links. Now check them one by one to check for author bio details. Note the contact details of the writers such as Facebook page link and Linkedin profile link.

After this, follow their profiles at first and then try to contact them with short note to publish your site with a sponsor post or via guest post on the Google trusted sites.

When visitors see the sponsor post or guest post, they will visit your website. Make sure to have your landing page filled with top quality content. From your landing page content, you can insert your contest entry page link with text links or through attractive banners. The most effective banner size is 300×250 on the top right side of the landing page.

Buy Poll Votes: The Pros
  • You can get more votes in short time than any other methods online. So you can purchase votes exactly on the end day of contest to lead your competitors vote count.
  • Easy to choose: There are many online voting service providers available online.
  • Cost effective method because the votes you purchase probably coming from real looking profiles or from unique IP addresses.
  • Easy to get in touch with the providers. We can see most of the providers have live chat support to the consumers.
  • Manual work is low: When you buy poll votes online, you can stop investing your time on likes/votes exchange sites.
Buy Poll Votes: The Cons
  • Some contests (WAVO) use top quality tools to filter fake votes. In such cases, buying poll votes can’t help to win.
  • If votes or likes taken by the contest admin by changing the terms/rules, you can’t get refund from the providers. When you read the providers FAQ or refund policy section, you can find these details.
  • You can ask the providers to spread the votes across x number of days, but not at same price. For spreading the votes over months will cost more than normal pricing.
  • You can’t get guaranty for winning the contest. They deliver only the votes you order.
  • Different pricing for contests: The packages advertised on the voting sites are not fit for all contests. Make sure to get answered by chat for all the details about your contest with online support before you place the order.


Can We Buy Poll Votes to Reach First Position on Contests