Can We Buy Google Plus Followers to Improve Business Page?

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G+ is introduced by the big Google to dominate Facebook social media platform.

You should know about the study from “” to find the active users percentage on G+.

Stone temple selected 516246 random G+ profiles for the test.

What they found by analyze is really a surprise because many google plus account holders not posted publicly on the wall.

Here is the detailed report that they found from the test.

Number of profiles with no content is: 464459

Total number of valid profiles is: 515405

So the exact number of valid profiles with no content is: 90.1%

Importance of G+ Business Page

To boost your website rank positions in Google search, you can create a business page on G+.

Google gives great rank boost to the active G+ business having website.

Often we can see some g+ pages ranking on top places of google search.

Obviously, it indicates that google plus gives very effective boost to the active business pages.

How to improve your G+ page?

At first, quality is the main factor to make your page powerful.

What is mean by quality here?

You have to share useful content on your business page.

Your existing fans and followers should get benefit from your shares so always post very useful contents.

Use relevant hashtags to get noticed from other posts.

A successful market story on socialmediaexaminer tells that memes get more attractions than traditional images.

They advised us to post frequent memes on wall to make the content viral.

What is trending now on your niche?

This is one of the perfect ideas to get instant traffic.

When a topic is trending on your niche, you should analyze about it and post a super content to your fans.

How to find the trending topic?

Check your competitors G+ business page regularly.

Analyze their post, note down the missing points, tools and features.

Now come up with new post to cure the competitors post to share with your followers.

Send request to your contacts

Gather details of all form of contacts like from gmail, yahoo and from tracked list of your customers.

Give a blast using free email marketing services like mailchimp to send mails.

Find how to request with attractive letters to follow your G+ page.

This is really not a easy work to do but to make our page popular, we have try all the ideas and methods out online.

Make your business page look real: means it should look like the posts are really made by a real person.

Many marketers today use automation tools to manage their social media posts.

But when the post not look real and the visitors just skip the post and start search to find the real gems.

The 3 quick ways to get more G+ followers  

Share on community and forum: Do a quick search for your niche to find the active community, forum.

Join there and participate on many discussions to improve your trust score.

After you become the trusted member, you can add your G+ page in the signature area to get more traffic.

Share on other social media sites: You can use your existing popular social media accounts like facebook, instagram and pinterest.

Buy Google plus followers: You have to find the right websites to purchase google plus followers.

It helps to get you quick plus one follower to grow your business online.




Can We Buy Google Plus Followers to Improve Business Page?