How to Buy Votes for Online Contests at Right Places

What are online contests?

Online contests are very often held by companies to create positive traction among users and increase popularity. Because online contests often involve rewards for the people receiving the most votes, they are widely shared on social media among friends and family, leading to a huge increase in traffic and resulting in free promotion for the company. People usually make an entry in a contest and then ask their friends and followers on social media to vote for them. The entry with the most votes is deemed the winner and is rewarded handsomely.

Some of the Famous online contests are:

  1. Polldaddy
  2. Woobox

Polldaddy contests have attractive look to present to your audience.

The steps involved in polldaddy contests are simple so you can get more votes for your entry.

No need to add pictures to participate.

So you can join simply by requesting the admin but check the prizes before you join.

Sometimes the competition level goes up because everyone can easily apply votes so you have to chase 10,000 votes for some polldaddy contests.

Woobox contests have two options.

  • Using with Facebook contests
  • Using with any other custom contests on blogs

Easy to participate and most of the times, it requires you to add pictures to join contests.

And spam filters find fake votes and winners will be announced in time.

This is high quality contest so always the contest admin provide attractive prizes.

Why buy votes for online contests?

why buy votes

Online contests are decided by popular vote. On the surface, it seems to be a pretty fair way to hold a contest; entries with the most votes in favour of them are deemed the winner. However, there is a big issue here that requires some thoughtful probing.

Online contests usually have participants share their entry on various social media platforms and ask for votes on their entries. This is usually the core purpose of the online contest: generate positive promotion and traffic to their website. It is a form of free advertisement for the company holding the contest basically.

However, there is a catch. Social media platforms today are extremely sophisticated in how they arrange their feeds so as to deliver maximum utility to their users. They go about this by employing advanced algorithms that intelligently arrange the order of posts on a user’s feed according to the priority of the poster. For instance, a user on a social media platform like Facebook is more likely to see a post from a friend first before one from someone he or she is not friends with. Often, social media sites will actually not show your posts to people who are not your friends.

This presents a problem. People with huge number of followers and a large and established social media presence are at a very unfair advantage when it comes to asking for votes for online contests. People with small friend lists and a limited presence of the social media platforms stand next to no chance of winning such an online contest when faced with such unfair competition.

There remains only solution to this problem: buy votes for online contests from an online voting service provider.

Checkout this too : Buy polldaddy votes online to win prizes.

How to decide on a good place to buy online contest votes?

Some of the biggest companies that offer votes on online contest for a fee have extremely sophisticated systems and algorithms in place to ensure that their votes do not get disqualified. They simulate the votes in such a manner that it resembles the way posts naturally gain traction and go viral on social media. Many like to process votes in batches over a few days while some process votes in small bursts; these systems are designed to evade detection by the contest server.

Finally, the best places to buy online contest votes will often have a 100% money back guarantee if the votes you paid for are not delivered. You can find these online voting service providers on the internet and on discussion forums very easily.

How to Buy Votes for Online Contests at Right Places