How to Buy IP Votes And Win Big Prices in Online Contests?


Winner takes all online contests

These days, online contests are a dime a dozen. You see them all over social media.

Sweepstakes and voting contests: everyone is sharing them all over the place. Actually, it is a very effective marketing tactic, one that companies have utilized to great effect. Online contests are popular and offer great prizes for grabs for the winner.

No wonder people go mad over these contests and share them all over the place. This widespread sharing amounts to free publicity for the sponsors of the contest, which was kind of the intention in the first place.

How these contests work?

Most online contests work on a system of votes where the winner is chosen by tallying the maximum number of votes received by a contest entry. This sounds fair, right? Well, not entirely. Because these contests are held on social media, the rules and systems of the social media platform do have an oversize effect on the results of these contests. This effect might be inadvertent, but it cannot be neglected.

Here’s the first reason why online contests decided by popular vote are extremely unfair and undemocratic. When you participate in the contest and send an entry. Then you share your entry all over your various social media accounts like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. This makes the contest sponsors very happy because you are marketing their product with real people.

Making More People to Visit

Anyway, you share your post because you believe that the more people see it, the greater your chances that they will vote for you and crown you the winner. Well, the truth is slightly more complicated. Because modern social media platforms are so sophisticated, they need to make the user experience customized to each user.

Unfortunately, this means prioritising posts from people and pages that the platform thinks the user will be interested in, irrespective of chronological order. Often, if you are not already connected to the user on the platform, there is exactly no chance that they will be able to see your post. Therefore, a potentially large number of users are automatically excluded from voting for you.

Additionally, people with large fan followings and humungous friends’ lists are also at a marked advantage. The reason is their posts are seen by a greater number of people, their entry might get more votes, irrespective of whether the post actually deserves them. If you are someone who has a small friends list, you are out of luck.

So how you can make your social media accounts popular?

1. You have to invest your time every day to share your product/service info with others.

2. Explain your product/service quality and why should people purchase them.

3. Post videos than simple posts because videos always give massive shares on social media.

4. Facebook ads also help to grow your fan page traffic with right people.

5. Please don’t use automated likes/followers to make your fan page. It will not help to grow your business.

6. Instead you can use ‘like for like’ platforms to gain some real traffic.


1. Use Vote Exchange Sites:

Do a search for vote exchange sites on Google and find sites from the list.

Check traffic status one by one using similar web platform like the sample below.


traffic source

Choose the top 3 traffic receiving sites and check the forum to find the active members count.

Take the sites which are having healthy number of members and forum discussions.

If you have any doubt about to join any contest or to find how to gather more votes for contests, post a thread on the forum to get answered.

You can look all other threads to find good sweepstakes/contests to join.

2. Buy IP votes and win online contest

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. You can put the scales back in your favour by buying votes from a reputed online voting service provider. You pay a certain amount and in return, you get your votes from unique IP addresses such that the server cannot detect the deception.

Many of the bigger companies also employ other advanced methods like batch voting and explosive voting to further evade detection.

You can find these voting service providers by searching on the internet as well as discussion forums. With the more reputed names even offering money back guarantee, you can rest assured of your victory.


How to Buy IP Votes And Win Big Prices in Online Contests?