Buy Facebook Votes to Win Online Contest

Social media is the name of the game nowadays and many companies offer promotions and prizes to boost popularity and user engagement within a very short time.

Facebook being the most popular social media platform sees an unusual amount of traffic due to promotional contests and events.

Contests as social media promotion

A very common form of online social media promotion is the Online Contest.

Online contests are typically ones that invite user participation in a contest where users submit entries to a particular contest and then other social media users vote on the participants.

This system is quite popular and seems fair until you realise one thing: visibility of posts on social media is extremely skewed.

Algorithmic sorting skews news feed results

Facebook News FeedThanks to the sheer number of posts and articles on any social media platform, particularly one as popular as Facebook, it is not humanly possible to read every single post on the site.

Instead what happens is that the content is showed  algorithmically to the user.

This obviously violates fair and chronological order; however social networks like Facebook and Instagram maintain that this is so that the users get the best experience on the site.

That may well be the case, but nowhere are the disadvantages of this method more obvious than in the case of online contests.

When you participate in an online contest, you might think that your entry will get fair views from other users but it is not so.

Users are shown the posts from their friends at a higher priority than posts from unknown people.

As a result, the contest entrants with the largest friend lists are at a marked advantage in this situation than people with smaller or more restrictive friend lists.

What then is the solution?

Facebook Ads

You can create best ads for your contest.

At first, do a research to find where is your targeted traffic?

After that, offer quality prizes to your traffic so they impress and give a vote for your contest entry.

To get 1 vote, you don’t need to offer big prizes.

Just 10 Free Facebook photo likes enough.

So in your advertisement, tell to the visitors as you are providing 10 free likes for their photo when they give 1 vote for your contest entry.

You will surly get positive response from this method but you have to spend more money to get more votes like 100 or 1000.

And you have to do more AB testing to find which ad gets more clicks.

How to win online contests on Facebook?

Win Contests on FacebookThere are many online voting service providers that can get you votes on such online contests for a fee.

These companies often employ cleverly programmed bots and human users to allocate votes to a directed site or entry.

The more you pay, greater the number of votes you buy for your particular post or entry.

Many service providers have set up clever methodologies and tricks to ensure that such votes do not get disqualified.

They include processing votes in small batches spread out very a long period of time such that the receiving server does not get suspicious of the origin of the votes.

Other methods include burst processing of votes which simulates how posts often organically go viral on social media.

Many service providers support a number of social networks including Facebook so many of the techniques described here are equally applicable to the case of Facebook.

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Therefore, if you are interested in participating and winning any online contest on Facebook and you do not have hundreds of friends on Facebook, you should consider buying votes from many such companies on the internet.

Some of the biggest service providers also offer a 100% money back guarantee if the promised number of votes are not delivered, so you need not worry yourself that you are paying into a scam.

Buy Facebook Votes to Win Online Contest