How to Buy Cheap Votes

how to buy votes cheap


If you’ve recently enter into an online contest, you may be searching for a way to give yourself an advantage.

Over the last decade, agencies that specialize in sending mass votes for online contests have become very popular.

There are a variety of websites that offer this service, and the process is usually the same for each website.

Here is your step by step guide to buying votes for online contests.

Step 1: Find an Agency

It’s surprisingly easy to find an agency that provides online votes.

The important thing to keep in mind, is finding a trustworthy and reliable agency.

Use your best judgment when selecting your agency.

Scammers promising they can deliver a certain number of votes are very common.

You should also be careful of websites that use voting methods that my get you disqualified from the contest.

 Step 2: Complete the Purchasing Form & Confirm Your Information

Once you’ve chosen your agency, it’s time to purchase the votes you’ll need to win that online cost.

Purchasing votes for contests is a simple process.

On many websites, you can purchase contest votes, and votes for photo likes.

How to Purchase Contest Votes:

contest votes

(This image is a sample for contest votes)

Complete the form.

You’ll select the number of votes that you require and you’ll provide the URL for the destination of the votes.

After providing your payment information, you’ll need to verify your purchase and confirm the URL of the voting page.

Most agencies can get your order complete within a few days.

How to Purchase Photo Likes

photo vote likes

Purchasing photo likes is even simpler.

For photo likes, you only need to provide your payment information, and the URL of the photo you want to receive the likes on.

Supported Contest Voting Forms:

In addition to general Facebook votes and photo likes, there are a variety of other types of voting styles and platforms that are typically supported by various voting agencies.

Here are the types of contest voting forms that are usually supported:

  • A login with Facebook, Yahoo or Twitter that allows an application to provide a vote.
  • A sign up form that requires an email or other information to provide a vote.
  • A sign up form that requires you to fill out a captcha code each time to provide a vote.
  • And sign up form that requires a one click vote with unique IP address, but does not require a Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter or captcha to provide a vote.

Pricing & Packages

Every website will usually have their own pricing and packages, but most agencies will be less than $10 for their starting package. There are even some agencies that allow you to customize your package. A custom package allows you to choose the exact number of votes that you want purchase. In most cases, you’ll need to do the pricing calculations for yourself. It pretty simple though. All you’ll need to do is multiply the rate for one vote by the number of votes that you would like to buy.


(This image is a sample of our vapulsemedia packages)

Step 3: Win the Contest

After choosing your agency, purchasing a package and confirming the information; all that’s left to do is win your contest. Check on your status periodically throughout the contest to insure that everything went through successfully. You’re all set!


How to Buy Cheap Votes