Best Places For Creating Free Online Polls

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Recently, many people have been interested in polling other people for opinions, interests, and many other reasons.

There are many websites and tools to create online polls, and it can be quite an easy thing to do.

Whether you’d like to create a poll based on your peer’s favorite types of food or how many animals your friends have; polls can also be used for more complex questions like, people’s theories on aliens or what people’s take on specific political topics is.

Many free websites offer users to create their questions, answers, and a specific number of answers.

Survey Monkey

For example, one website many people use to create these polls are Survey Monkey.

  1. Survey Monkey allows users to create a free account, with a limit on how many polls and responses an account holder can receive.
  2. Survey Monkey also offers paid subscriptions, where users can make up to an unlimited amount of polls and quizzes with an unlimited amount of responses.
  3. The pricing ranges from zero dollars to eighty-five dollars and can be a great website for companies looking to better their products.
  4. Survey Monkey offers a “How it Works” page on their website, which helps users make their polls. The website sets it up all for users!

2. Survio

  1. Survey monkey is not the only website that helps users create online tools; there are plenty of other awesome websites that will help. Another example is Survio.
  2. Survio is a free website where people can create surveys for free. Like Survey Monkey, users can pay to get more features.
  3. Many companies like Disney and FedEx have used Survio, which shows users that they can trust the website.
  4. Survio sets users up with a template to create a survey, so there’s no need to have step by step directions.
  5. This option seems very simple, and a lot of other free websites that people may use to create free polls.

If these two options aren’t what a user is looking for, they can easily search for “Free online poll makers” on Google. Google also has a free poll maker, which you can create on Google Forms!

Quite handy if you ask me.


Online polls can be a great help to find answers and gain statistics that people are looking for.

Making them can be quite simple, as simple as just signing up for a website that will take you through a step by step process to create a poll.

After a user creates a poll, they can easily share their poll, or link to their poll, onto other websites so users can vote from there.

When the poll is complete, the creator can typically see the results quite quickly and can track the votes while voting is still going on.

Some poll making websites allow users to decorate their polls, creating a color or patterned theme.

Most websites allow users to pick the number of answers, or even add an “add your own” for voters who do not see an answer they would like to choose.

Best Places For Creating Free Online Polls