How to Ask for Facebook Votes?

Asking for Facebook votes can be difficult and awkward. Here are some suggestions for asking for Facebook votes and actually getting people to vote for you.


Ask facebook votes


Only Ask for Votes Once

How many times have you scrolled past the same post 5 times on your Facebook timeline?

While it may have been interesting the first time, I’m guessing that post got pretty old by the 3rd time you saw it.

Just like you, your Facebook friends don’t want to be annoyed by the same post over and over again.

You’ll get better results if you keep your begging to a minimum.

Time your posts correctly and tag specific people you think would actually be interested.

Stop spamming everyone’s timeline with your contest.

If it’s something really important, you can ask twice, but keep this post brief and to the point.

Make the Voting Process as Easy as Possible for Everyone

If you only post a random link with no instructions, no one will vote for you.

People are lazy.

They’re not going to search the internet trying to figure out how to vote for your random selfie.

Have a direct link to the page where people need to vote.

Give a short description of what you need them to vote for, and instructions on how to cast their vote.

You’ll get bonus points if they don’t have to log into something to create an account.

The easier it is to vote, the more likely you are to get people to vote for you.

Also, check on the link to the voting page frequently.

Sometimes companies change around the links to their pages.

It’s nothing worse than actually getting people to click on your voting link, only to find out that the link is completely broken.

Give People an Explanation on Why You Need Their Vote

Don’t just assume that people will vote for you because they know you.

Again, people are lazy.

You need to give them some motivation to click on that link and cast a vote for you.

Why should they care about your contest?

Have you been nominated for a very prestigious award?

Let your Facebook friends know that! Be sincere.

Tell them why their vote is some important, and what the prize is for the winner.

Let know them the details of the contest and what you’ve done to earn the grand prize.

You have to tug at people’s heart strings. It’s the only way to get immediate action.

Be Careful of Entering Too Many Contests

Entering contests are a great way to win some awesome prizes, but you need to be mindful of the number of contests you enter.

If the types of contests you enter require a certain number of votes to win, you’ll quickly find yourself repeated asking your friends to vote for you.

The problem of repeatedly asking your friends to vote for you presents the same issue that was stated in the first section.

It’s annoying, and eventually people stop paying attention to your posts.

If you’re always asking for votes, some of your friends may turn off or disable your posts from appearing in their timeline.

When a really important contest comes around, you will have already annoyed all your friends who would have voted for you.

How to Ask for Facebook Votes?