5 Steps To Find How To Win Online Contests

Follow these steps and be sure to stay way ahead of everyone in a voting contest

Factors to win contest


What do we generally tend to do when we fail to choose or nominate a single person among a group of people?

When the choice is not obvious rather a bit confusing voting gives us the best results.

A voting contest almost always nominates the most deserving candidate and is no doubt fair and square. And that is exactly the reason why online voting contests are so much being frequented in several websites visited by internet enthusiasts.

Not only do the voting contests hold relevance but they also put forth a winner and answers the question “who is the best?” in the best possible manner.

But if one delves a bit deeper into the matter one will start to wonder how does the winner of the voting contest actually win it?

What are the factors that essentially determine that the contestant will lead the vote?

It is quite interesting to learn the perfect manner to play this game because at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

From my own experience in this game I hence want to convey my thoughts by citing a few tips which will help you to ensure that in a voting contest, you will; always be on top.

1. Don’t hesitate in letting people know that you want to win it

First thing that always leads you to your victory is your will.

You have to want it badly to get it.

And in case of a voting contest you got to make the voters notice how badly you want to win.

Never hold the thought that if you do so it will be perceived as begging rather it would go on to show your interest in the particular aspect and how much winning it actually means to you.

Take an example, a job interview panel always seeks the eagerness of the candidates to succeed in the interview and secure the job.

If in these circumstances an applicant hesitates to directly state how badly they want the job, he or she is more likely to get rejected for the post because the interview panel will not like the lack of intent in him.

Be true to yourself and convey to everyone that you want to win badly otherwise they will not let you.

2. Tell them why you need to win

You probably don’t expect people to do you favors without knowing the actual reason or story behind it.

They will always want to know why you need them to do you the favor before they even think of doing it.

The same applies for a vote. The people need to know your story and feel for you.

Only then will they think that you are a deserving candidate and help you win the voting contest.

Sharing your motive or your story with the voters will gradually incline them more towards you and hence benefit your pursuit.

3. Make people laugh

Get Silly

Yes, you heard it right.

You got to make people laugh because your humor attracts a person more to you than anything else ever does.

Get silly, crack jokes and never retreat from making fun of yourself because the more people you get laughing, the more attention you garner for yourself.

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And it goes without saying that the more attention you get, the more the chances are for you to win in the voting contest.

4. Create your own account in different forums

Different forum sites are available out there that will accept your requesting of votes although there are some websites that do not allow such stuff.

Create an account of yourself in such a forum website and take part in different group discussions to make yourself noticeable.

The other members of the forum must regard your account as a natural one.

Once you have people believing in your account activity begin asking for votes for your voting contest.

Forum vote exchange

Make sure to post your case in vote exchange groups on Facebook.

This one is very interesting and much more effective than the others.

Log on to your Facebook account and search the term “vote exchange groups”.

You will be provided a list of such groups. Consider the following aspects to analyze the groups which will be most effective in your case.

  • The group must be an active one
  • It must have the highest number of members and followers.
  • Check the time interval between successive discussion posts on the page.

5. Never give up

Always remember the words of the wise, “The easiest way to lose a race is to stop running”.

Steep competition should always work as an inspiration for you to put more effort into your pursuit and always go for glory.

Once you start feeling defeated no one can stop you from actually being defeated.

Always stay positive and give it your best shot.

5 Steps To Find How To Win Online Contests