5 Proven Ways To Increase The Chances Of Winning A Voting Contest

People have high interest on participating contests online.

Do you know what kinds of contests are being popular today?

The answer is Facebook based contests.

It is easy to find and participate in Facebook contests because everyone has profile on Facebook.

Many top firms are advertising Facebook and inviting people to participate contests.

You should choose right contest to join so you can win the prize you target.

Let me show you the exact ways to find how to increase your chance of winning a voting contest.

1. Create Accounts on Forum

Choose relevant forum site that accepts to request votes.

Some sites have restriction to ask for votes using new account.

In this case, you have to create account first and participate on different discussions and make your account looks natural.

And then start to ask for votes for your contests.

forum sites

Paulina Masson at contestmob gave lists of forum site which allows request votes for contests.

Follow these useful sites and increase your vote count on the contests you participate.

2. Post on Facebook Vote Exchange Groups

Login Facebook account and search for term “vote exchange groups”.

And take the groups list in excel sheet.

vote exchange groups

Analyze the groups one by one to find the quality.

  • Take the page which has high volume of page members and followers.
  • Check how often people post discussions on the page.
  • Track the page admin replies and guidelines because, some groups not allow URL shortener links to post.
  • Make sure the group is active.

If you participate in contests very often and I highly recommend you to create own Facebook voting group.

In this case, you can advertise your page using Facebook Ads to reach relevant people.

Even you can offer gifts to your group people for gathering votes.

Try to get more subscribers so you can invite them for all your contests.

3. Check Live Contests

This is 100% working method when you do them correct.

Find live contests online and watch them closely.

live contest

Check how the contestants creating plans and how they increasing votes against their competitors.

Track how many votes they are applying daily to keep lead for the competition.

When you check often the live contests and you can get perfect idea from the contest winners.

Apply the same trick to your competition and become the winner of contest.

4. Social Media Profiles

Create Fan pages for you on Facebook and Twitter.

Make them popular to use them effectively.

This is really hard part because it will take time to create such quality fan pages.

Once you made them right and you can get numerous benefits from it.

How to make them popular?

  • Post interesting niche relevant news and articles.
  • Create a YouTube video solution for a query and try to get more subscribers.
  • Add as many followers you can from online sources.
  • Patient: Yes apply these all constantly over months to get benefits.
  • First few months you can’t get any traffic but in the long run you can get huge volume of traffic for sure.

When you have such popular social media profile and you can invite all your fans to vote for contests.

5. Invest Time to Target Your Audience

Family and Friends can help to get 50 votes for a contest.

When you need thousands of votes to win contest and how you can?

So the basic thing is gathering more targeted subscribers for your niche.

This is long term process.

You can’t get more votes in short time unless you purchase votes.

Purchasing votes not help to win contests all the time because some contests have filter to find fake votes.

Step forward to work hard and invest time to build targeted audience for your niche.

When you have the perfect fan base and the chances of winning contests are high.

Because the real traffic always win against the purchasing (software generated) votes.


5 Proven Ways To Increase The Chances Of Winning A Voting Contest