Find How To Enter For Etsy Small Business Contest

Entrepreneurs are the future of business advancement of every country.

More or less every business tycoon of every country started on a much smaller scale as an entrepreneur of a small business. That is why we need to encourage entrepreneurs of today and help them flourish into tycoons of tomorrow. That is exactly what Etsy aims to do with all their endeavors and potential trials.

Etsy small business contest is one of those endeavors by Etsy who targets the overall advancement of small businesses. It provides them a financial boost that could prove instrumental in scaling their business higher.

What exactly is Etsy small business contest?


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Etsy hosts an initiative named Etsy small business contest which provides the winner who has to be an Etsy seller a monetary reward of $10,000. The runner up of the contest a reward of $3,000 for supporting their business growth.

Who can apply for the contest?

To apply for the contest the business owner has to be an Etsy seller. His business must be in good running condition and hence selling one or more products. Any small business owner or for that matter entrepreneur can open an Etsy account and become eligible for the contest. A few essential items required in order to be eligible for the Etsy small business contest is stated below.

  • An Etsy shop name and its corresponding link to that Etsy shop along with the contact information.
  • Two images at least related to the products you are selling or your business out of which one image must be of the business logo. Each image must not exceed the size of 5 MB and must be in .png, .gif or .jpg format.
  • The person must have a minimum amount of responses to prompts of at least 3 contest questions.
What do contestants have to do in order to win the contest?

The contestants or rather the small business owners will have to log on to their account. Now they explain briefly about their business and its uniqueness, what separates their business from the rest. Also how this difference helps them to stand out and advance commercially. They could also include details about:

1) how the company started initially,
2) how the owner honed his entrepreneurial skills to support the business and boost it so that it attains greater heights.

They would also have to answer in what way they would use the reward money to enhance their business activities for the development of the company. How exactly are they planning for scaling their business by utilizing the prize money in case they win the contest?

Normally, some contestants do search for vote exchange group to gather votes for their contest entry. Few others buy votes for contest from voting suppliers. But to win contests, you have to have high volume of votes than your competitors.

How can one enroll himself to take part in the contest?

The application form is available for submission in the following URLs below:

Enter small business contest here or For international enter here.

The ones willing to participate in the contest must click on this URL and fill up the application form with all the necessary information, personal and professional, which includes your name and email address. All the requested information must be submitted in the portal. There is no need to worry about the security of the details as they will not be available to the public on any terms.

Only one individual will represent his small business and his name will only appear on the application form. And care must be taken that the name must comply with the one associated with the bank account as it will be useful in case the prize is won by him. If you do not have an Etsy account, you will be able to create a profile while you are submitting the application form. You will also have to provide the necessary information mentioned.

Special Step

Finally, after providing all the necessary information you will be able to make yourself an eligible contestant by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contest. One must be careful while filling up the application form as the details provided must tally with the ones provided in the account.

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How is the winner of the contest decided?

The winner of the contest is to be determined on the basis of votes.

Any contestant can invite one or more members of the general public through an invitation via email. Those members can vote for the contestant if he or she is willing to. Voting portals will remain open for a fixed amount of time and all voters must vote within that stipulated time window. There are two winners of this contest. The highest vote gainer will be entitled to a monetary reward of $10,000 while the runners up will receive a sum of $3,000 provided for aiding their small businesses and developing further.

When you plan to buy votes to win contests, remember to check the quality of the service provider. If your vote quality is low, you can’t win the contest.


Find How To Enter For Etsy Small Business Contest