Where to Buy Online Contest Votes in 2017?

how to buy contest votes online

1. How to find the best contest?

At first the contestant should chose the best online contest to join.

The contest which runs by a popular brand called the best contest.

Popular brands always offer quality prizes for winners and the percentage of each prize always impress the contestants.

Four prizes having contests are really worthy choices why because, you have high chance in placing top 4 when you have good social media traffic.

I saw a thread from well established forum on the web about the sweepstakes prize percentage.

It explains as an ideal contest prize percentages come as follow:

First place can get 50% worth of prizes.

Second place can get 25% worth of prizes.

Third place can get 15% worth of prizes.

And Fourth place can get 10% worth of prizes.

Remember these to check your contest prizes well before you join.

2. Gathering votes from Free Ways

I highly recommend you to try money freeways before you buy votes from any agency.


Social media fan page takes number 1 position for getting free targeted traffic.

Spend your golden time on the right places to get the best results.

All you need to do is find top traffic having fan pages on facebook and share your contest entry link on comments and posts area.

Facebook niche targeted groups also works as good as fan pages.

When more people like your post/comment, your entry vote percentage will increase.

Please don’t spam with this method.

Answer properly and relevantly to the posts and insert your contest entry page naturally.

You can also try Twitter and Instagram too to gather some free traffic votes.


Invest money in social media ads to improve your fan page in 6 to 8 months.

After that you can really get super juicy traffic for your contests.

3. How to choose right place to purchase votes?

There are many strategies available to increase contest votes but to get real quality votes from right sources, you should remember these key factors.

Data to check website

(I) Do Google for your keyword and list the sites which are ranking top 5.

Go to website owner check sites to make search for each site.

  • Check the website creation date and make sure it is at least 3 years old website.
  • Check domain expire date because spam websites renew only 6 months.
  • The domain should not be dropped earlier.

These three are very important in finding the original website.

(II) Online Support Desk

Check websites one by one to find which sites have online support chat available all time.

  • To get clear contest pricing and deliver time.
  • To know about the exact start time of voting.
  • To know about the drip feed delivery service.
  • And to know about their refund policy.
  • If they have mobile numbers, do call and ask your questions.

(III) Traffic Source

You should ask them how they are driving votes for your contest entry.

  • To find are they only use automated scripts to vote?
  • To find social media general traffic or niche targeted traffic?

Some agencies only provide low quality votes which lead you to lose the contest.


So check these above 3 factors when you want to buy online contest votes.

Your contest provider may have high pricing packages than others but the quality should be real.

The best contest and the best online vote supplier always make you win any prizes online.

If you have any questions related to this topic please let us know to get answered.




Where to Buy Online Contest Votes in 2017?