5 Easy Ways to Get Free Online Votes to Win Contest



So you want to win your online contests with free methods available online.

If you follow the below strategies right and you can win numerous contests as you need.

Let’s get started!

Competition in today’s world has become very tough and stringent. With the growing number of people participating in the competition, it is definitely more difficult to stand out in the competition. It is important that you work out your strategies smartly so that you can emerge victorious. In any and every field today, number of people with a high skill set is increasing a lot. Therefore, you need to present yourself in a way that the recruiters or the judges of the competition notice you and see how you shine amongst the rest. It is vital that you understand the fact that only hard work will not get you what you desire but smart work will.

You need to know what strategies you need to adopt so that you can help win the competition you are in. Know your competitors and judge their skills. You also need to know how you can showcase your skills so that you can out do your competitor. You also need to analyse your own weaknesses so that you can hide them from getting highlighted.

In competitions, where success is decided on the basis of votes a contestant gets, you need to know the various strategies which will help you to get through the competition and emerge victorious. Here we will be mentioning 5 effective ways to get online votes for free.

1. Facebook Pages:

  • Make a page that will state your skills. Enhance the page using pictures that highlight your talent. Include the link where people can vote and request your friends to like the page and also vote on that given link. Once your friends and relatives like the page, their friends and even friends of friends start getting notifications about this page which increases your popularity and hence possibilities of you getting more votes.
  • All the big brands use their Facebook pages to promote their business using contests. When you share your contest entry details with your fans like the sample below and you can surly get some votes from your fans.

sample post

  • If we receive 100 votes from these idea and it surly helps to win the contest. Am I right?

2. Facebook Groups:

  • Make a group that will have friends and relatives who will vote for you. This is a way in which you can reach out to a greater number of people at the same time. You can make separate groups for your relatives, college friends, school friends and put your appeal to them separately.

3. Signing up for vote exchange sites:

  • There are specific sites that will help you get votes. In these sites, you vote for people and they return your vote. You need to leave the link where they could vote for you too. This way works magnificently when it comes to winning competitions, which judge you on the basis of votes.
  • Obviously you can get more votes in short time period by participating on vote exchange sites.
  • And you can easily find these sites by searching on Facebook search box.
  • See the sample list below of exchange sites found when search on Facebook.

vote exchange

4. Question- Answer Websites:

  • Post on websites like Quora or Yahoo answers asking for votes. Add the link for voting and also market yourself well while you ask for votes. If people believe in your talent, they will definitely vote for you.

5. Twitter:

  • To use twitter for getting votes, add vote request in the profile description section and you can then post on twitter asking votes. You need to promote yourself well so that you can get votes. You could also request re tweeting of the post to increase the expanse or the reach of your votes so that you can increase your vote bank.

Follow these trends so that you can maximize your vote count and win the competition that will help you fulfill your dreams and desires.


5 Easy Ways to Get Free Online Votes to Win Contest