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Importance of Choosing Right Voting Agency

A Webmaster was entered for a photography contest last month. And he selected the best photo from his computer for the contest. The photo was awesome but he had no social media friends to share that photo. His contest admin announced as they will use votes to choose finalist for their contest. So he badly wanted to get more votes and he thought to buy votes for his contest. His plan is correct but he chosen an unpopular online voting agency to buy votes for the contest because, they offered cheaper price than other agencies.

He had chosen 1000 votes option from them and received all the fake votes same day. After few hours of the vote delivery, the contest host admin sent an Email to him as you disqualified from this contest due to the fake votes. He was unhappy after this incident and he realized that fake votes never help to win any contest. So you should choose popular and excellent service providing agency to get votes for your contest.

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After four years of solid services, we have crossed 4000 clients this week. We are planning to create a fan page to update our new offers and news. This will help you to find your desire packages. After we create the fan page, we will post the page link on this website.

And this week, we have delivered votes for many New Sign UP, Polldaddy and Unique IP with Captcha based contests. One of our clients from USA won laptop (MSI gaming laptop) worth over $1200 USD.

Get Online Votes Cheap

Recent Contest Winners Contest Type Prize Country
Jacob Facebook Photo Contest Won Summer Party Package United States
Ethan H Best Music Album Contest Got 3rd Place Over 150 Albums United States
Joshua August Music Contest Got 2nd Prize United States
Olivia James Best Ebook Writer Contest Won Trip to Utah and Arizona United States
Ashley Tyler Travel Guide Maker Won Vocation International Canada

Useful Articles

Do You Have an Interest in Joining Online Sweepstakes?

1) “” is the best website to find new sweepstakes. The special quality of this website is, providing clear and full details about the contests they are listing.

2) “” is another website to find new online sweepstakes. This website shows big list of giveaways and it shows the winners list on the main home page. The special quality of contest girl is, having different categories such as United States contests entries, Canada contest entries. Contest girl has active twitter page to share new contest details and to share contest tips.

3) “” is our next website to find grand prize contests. This website has unique section for featured contest list.

4) “” is next site to gather details about new giveaways. This six years old website gives list of 12 contests per page. It often shows the details of grand prize contests too.

5) “” is another website from our experience. This website shows sweepstakes directory section on the home page. This site splits the category to find grand sweepstakes and new contests. And it allows the new visitors to add their own contests and giveaways.

How to Create High Quality Online Contests?

Quality Sweepstakes

Online Contest is an interesting and affordable way to gather more traffic for any businesses. We should analyze the different ideas and strategies to create contests. You can choose any type of contest which is closely related to you business. Creating a successful contest is easy when you have right plans to start small and simple. Track the results you got from the small test and use that momentum to create a successful contest.

Choosing Correct Niche

This is very important part. If you want to get targeted Email list of marketing people and you should create an online contest which based in the marketing niche.

Offer relevant prizes to increase the interest of the entrants. And the contest duration time shouldn’t be more than two weeks. Contest length is very important to increase the entrants count.

Niche choosing is not easy because every top niche has high competition. So your contest should be unique and attractive to get more entrants.

Advertise Your Sweepstakes

You can use Adwords and Bing ads for advertising your sweepstakes. When you using these top advertising platforms and you will surly get high volume of targeted audience. You should have some basic ideas to create best ad campaign for your sweepstakes.

Find targeted keywords with low CPC for your ads. And run your ads particularly in the evening time. This will help to get more impressions and results more click for your ads.

When you choose wrong keywords and you can’t get more targeted traffic. So, always do test temporarily to find best traffic converting keywords.

Use Social Media Application

When you run sweepstakes on your own website and you can’t stop entrants spamming. To avoid fake votes, you should choose perfect social media application. It will help you to count real subscribers and you can easily increase your Email list.

Facebook Application based contests are the popular one. Most marketers use Facebook Application for their online sweepstakes. And some marketers use other popular applications like “Polldaddy”, “Wavo” and “Woobox”.

Follow these above three tips to create high quality online sweepstakes.

Super Ideas to Choose Best Online Sweepstakes

Best Online Sweepstakes

Running online poll is trend now and you can see all the popular brands run online polls often. Do you know why are they running online polls? The ultimate aim for running polls is gathering Email data of the targeted traffic. And marketers love this strategy to catch data of targeted customers.

Choose a perfect question and allow 3 best options to the battle on your website’s right hand side. Share your new poll details with your current traffic and allow a comment box below the poll section for participants (voters) to post their thoughts.

Always show results below the poll section because, it will surly increase the participants count. Choose easy apps like polldaddy to create an online poll because, voters like to participate when the voting steps is simple. Online polls not only help to gather E-mail data and they help to enhance your business online.

Idea 1: You should find a quality contest.

Many online sweepstakes out there and you should find the best giveaway from it. Firstly, remember the giveaway that should be a 4 weeks old. Because, long time duration having contests offer huge prizes like $10,000 cash or a worthy tour packages.

Idea 2: Votes Speed

Before you join any contests, don’t forget to look the vote speed of your competitors. Check voting source power level and if you have ability to beat your competitor’s vote count and then that’s the place to join.

Idea 3: Blog Giveaways

Blog giveaways have less fame than the big brand contests. So the participants count will be low than the other big contests. This will give you great opportunity to win grand prizes. If your blog giveaways using any of the app from PunchTab, Rafflecopter and WildFire, you can easily get more votes because your targeted people will love to vote when they see an attractive tool.

Idea 4: Search Sweepstakes on Holidays

Holidays have many quality contests than the normal days. So you can get many choices to choose any quality contest from the bulk number of sweepstakes.

Idea 5: Is Your Giveaway is Legal?

The above question clearly gives you best benefit if you find the answer correctly. Example: If a contest is running with Facebook app and you should check the Facebook page guidelines section E to avoid hassles.

Get Attention of Your Audience

Get Attention of Your Audience

Do you want to get the attention of your social media audience? It’s the time to create online sweepstakes, contests and giveaways. You should understand the value of online sweepstakes to get better results. When you create perfect plan to follow and your success is guaranteed. Do you have new product to your audience? And you can start now creating sweepstakes to increase awareness of your new product.

Find Your Targeted Audience

Where you are going to run your online contests? This is very important question and it needs a perfect answer. Yes, you have to run your contests on the right platform to connect your targeted audience to collect targeted leads.

If you want to increase your website traffic only and you can choose any platform to run your contest. When you want to increase sales and you should run your contest on targeted platform. Create quality products to get more natural social shares and followers. This will help you to generate brand loyalty.

Sweepstakes Tools Drive Good Results

Choose a powerful tool for your online contests since it has high value in giving best results. The perfect tool should give creative templates with opt in feature to capture email addresses of the audience.

The tool should be easy to access the host to run the contest on multiple platforms. Ask your tools support to provide automatic winner announcing strategy and impress your audience.

Branding Your Giveaways

After you choose the effective sweepstakes tool you should brand your online contest. There are many advertising networks available online and you should find a perfect one to brand your giveaway. When you advertise your contest make sure your ad is clearly mentioning the steps to enter the contest. Display 2 to 3 quality photos to find which photo drive more visitors.

After you completed the above points conduct a test run to find the errors to fix. Now submit your contest to popular sweepstakes directories to reach with more targeted audience. After you completed the above points conduct a test run to find the errors to fix. Now submit your contest to popular sweepstakes directories to reach with more targeted audience.

Some Tips to Remember

Always track your contest changes with a simple spreadsheet.

Always use catchy title for your contest. It helps to show your contest is unique and more enticing than any other giveaways.

How many winners you will choose for your contest? Make sure your all contests have three winners. It surly motivates the participants to enter to your contest.

Try to host your contest on your own website. In our experience, the contest which uses blog gets more participants than running on social media sites.

Don’t put too many steps to cast vote. When you ask the voters to like your fan page first and the interest will decrease for sure.

Which is The Best Contest to Participate?

1. IP Based Contests

When you like to join on IP based contests and you can easily increase your votes in short time period. Because these type of contests have no bi g terms and conditions to follow. After you apply vote, these contests will show the exact count straightaway.

2. Facebook App Based Contests

Facebook App based contests are popular and they have easy steps to vote. The problem is number of competition. Yes, Facebook based sweepstakes easily get shared by many Facebook groups. So it automatically increases the interest of the visitors to become contestant.

3. Woobox/ Wavo Sweepstakes

These two are really hard contests to win. They always filter fake votes, real looking votes and software generated votes. Sometimes real human votes also getting issue due to fast voting. So if you have enough traffic and talent to spread the real human votes and participate to these contests.

4. Email Verification Sweepstakes

You should need healthy subscribers to gather Email verified votes. If you try to trick the system using fake Emails and the result will be negative. You should have mixed subscribers from gmail, yahoo, hotmail and business based Emails to avoid getting banned.

So, think well before you join any sweepstakes to win. Want to win online contests? Email us now.

Difference between Normal Votes versus Real Human Votes

Contestants love to get votes for their contest in short time period and they want to win the contest without issues from their competitors. But, when they exactly increase the votes at the end, the contest admin will suspect the entry and results banning. So the key to win online contest is spreading the votes from the beginning to the end of the contest.

Normal Votes (Hack Poll Votes):

1. Normal votes can help to increase the votes count only. And if you increase these types of votes at the end time of your contest, and your entry will ban for 100%. These votes are easy to find by contest admin

2. They are not real human votes so your admin can not get real likes to their fan page.

3. The only positive point is, you can purchase these types of votes at cheap prices.

Real Human Votes

1. You can get real human votes from social media and from your website if you have healthy traffic there. You can get real votes from Media buying and Advertising but both are costly.

2. Your Admin will get real traffic so they never ban your contest entry even you increase your votes at contest end time.

3. You can purchase real human votes from us at affordable prices. We are trying our best to provide good quality votes for any contests at cheap prices.

Will Polldaddy Hack Votes Help To Win Contest?

Polldaddy is one of the popular online sweepstakes software which helps to count online votes. Ten out of 3 online contests use polldaddy app because their pricing is affordable than their competitors. Normally polldaddy contests require more votes to win because they are unique IP based contests. And they allow more than 10 contestants to participate so the contest admin can allow more contestants as much they want to join.

When You Need More Votes?

When online contests/sweepstakes have great worthy prizes and the contestants count will be high. Every contestant wants to win the prize so they start to fight from the start to the end of contests. Sometimes, the competition is low and most of the time, the competition level is higher to chase. In these cases, the contestant should need more votes to win the contest.

Legit Way Promotion

There are two types of legit way promotion like below:

1. Social Media/Email Marketing

How many real followers you are having with your social media fan pages? If the answer says, there are thousands of followers, and you can share a post containing your contest page to get their votes. As well as you can send an Email blast to your subscribers to vote for your new contest entry.

2. Hiring Online Votes Suppliers

This is really hard part because, there are many suppliers in the market and most of them can only able to deliver hack votes with script. The script votes help to increase your vote count quickly than the real votes but, they can’t help to win the contest. So you should be careful while you hire the online vote supplier for polldaddy contests.